You may have been hearing an awful lot more about a certain fruit called Garcinia Cambogia lately due to the likes of Cheryl Cole and other celebs. I too have been bombarded with many  question about this superfruit, so I have decided to put all the speculation to rest and write a blog about it. If you have happened to miss all the excitement, then this fruit is said to contain a magical compound similar to citric acid in citrus fruits called hydroxycitric acid that is reported to melt the fat off your bones without having to do much else! This fruit is said to have been responsible for Cheryl Cole’s recently svelte (let’s get it right, extremely svelte) figure. Now this fruit may be partly responsible for Cheryl’s weight loss, but unless we were to keep 24 hour camera surveillance on her diet and fitness regime we wont really know if this fruit is 100% responsible here and I am guessing it is not, as most of the time these things are not as simple as this. However, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t help towards weight loss on some level. Lets look at the science behind it…. Now there is some evidence to suggest it can suppress your appetite and it can help to block an enzyme that is responsible for converting carbohydrate into energy, rather than into fat stores. It is also thought to work on serotonin levels in the brain (the happy hormone) which may help prevent binges on sugary types of foods that lead to excess weight gain. So it looks like it may well work… but does it always do what it says on the tin?! In some cases literally not! As usual with these things some supplements containing this fruit are better than others. It has to be in the right form, the correct dosage, have a minimum of 50 percent of the active compound in it. It also has to have magnesium and potassium salts present  and  to be taken on an empty stomach to even be absorbed properly! So before you go buying a shed load of this supplement look into whether it is the real deal and also have an open mind about how it may be down to more than just a magical fruit to shift those excess pounds! To find out more facts about some of the topics mentioned in my blog follow me on twitter through the link on my website.