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Bespoke Plan

Bespoke plan for condition/goal of your choice (i.e. weight loss, IBS, high cholesterol, fertility & so on).

Please see the PACKAGES page for more information on this and to order this package.


One to One Sessions

1 hour consultation at a clinic of your choice & bespoke plan.

Please see the CLINICS page for more information on this & to order this service.

From £95 to £165 depending on which clinic you come to.

One Hour Shopping Trip Support

Hands on support at a supermarket of your choice, teaching you how to buy the healthiest options, what to look for on packets & also teaching where to shop.


Gold & Platinum Packages

Please see the PACKAGES page for more information on this and to order one of these packages.

Gold Package – £475/3 Months
Platinum Package – £625/3 Months

Genetic Profiles & Reports

23 and me interpretation & full explanation.

£150 (which includes £30 admin fees to download raw data from 23 and me)

Two Hour Cooking Tutorials

Two hour cooking tutorials- Learn how to cook from scratch, or cook more elaborate meals, how to prepare for meals & snack.



Articles, blogging, editing nutrition books, designing menus for restaurants.

£45 per hour

Private Testing & Written Reports

Private testing & written reports of the results (Genova Labs, Biolab, Armin Labs, Cambridge Nutritional Sciences) – Food intolerance & allergy testing, gut tests, hormonal profiles, vitamin & mineral profiles, Lyme disease & co-infection screening & much more.

Please enquire for more information.

Prices will vary depending on which tests you require.

Written report of results – £45 per test


1 hour & 2 hour seminars of your choice. Topics range from Healthy eating, improving energy & concentration, reducing stress, common myths & any topic you require as bespoke seminars can be designed to suit whatever you need.

One hour £120 (which includes preparation), Two hours £180.

Here at PURA Foods in Purfleet, we have used Claire from Nutrikind for three years now, to carry out a number of Nutrition seminars and most recently a ‘Wellness Check’ day. Claire first visited us in June of 2015 where she carried out a day of nutrition seminars. Being a very male dominated oil refinery and Packing facility, to some it could prove to be a bit daunting, but not for Claire. She was very confident in her approach, very knowledgeable and got everybody involved in the day, which went down very well.

It was due to the success of this first visit that we have asked Claire back both in 2016 for our annual Safety Week and again most recently in June of this year. Feedback has always been positive and I’ve even seen a real life change for the better, in what some of the guys are now eating for breakfast and lunch whilst at work. In summary I would highly recommend Claire and have always found her to be a very positive person to be around, very knowledgeable and would certainly recommend her to others.

Conditions I Can Support With

Weight Loss

Low carb diets, calorie controlled diets, tips for easier weight loss, treating the root causes of stubborn weight loss, specially tailored weight loss plans for the individual.

I first approached Claire in August 2014 with a number of health & dietary issues – from the first phone call she was very friendly & attentive and made you feel at ease.

When we did initially meet she was very knowledgeable & had obviously completed some specific research. She suggested a number of dietary changes & supplements that hopefully would make improvements to my general health & well-being.

Over the next couple of months, I was really pleased with the results!!! The things I was initially struggling with, e.g. weight loss, bloatedness, tiredness showed significant improvement.

Claire is a friendly individual that straight away makes you feel at ease – her approach is positive & she looks to tailor the best solutions for you & your lifestyle – I would have no hesitation in recommending her services!!!

– Andrew

Before I made an appointment with Claire, I had tried to lose weight by myself for over 2 years, having put on 2 stones in 5 years. Unfortunately no matter how hard a tried, I could not help but put on more weight.
Eventually I decided to speak to a nutritionist and Claire seemed qualified and easy to talk to. At my first appointment, we went through my goals and my difficulties and then she sent me a very comprehensive plan. Initially I found it difficult to follow but she encouraged me to make small changes and soon I managed to follow most of her advice.
As a result I have already lost nearly a stone in less than 6 months and I feel a lot better on my new diet than I have for years. I have found that Claire is an excellent listener and she is very good at adapting to my situation which is very complicated. She made the whole process feel so much easier and I cannot thank her enough for her dedication and encouragements.
Now, I advise all my friends and family to meet up with her as the financial investment in the session is very low compared to the result you get out of it. I would strongly encourage anybody to give it a chance and make that first appointment with Claire! Good luck with your weight loss.

– Mrs Nash

I first approached Claire to help me with my energy, even though I exercise a lot there were times when I struggled to function, I ate well at work but at home I had some real bad habits.

After filling out the questionnaire, Claire quickly realised there were a number of things I had to change, she gave me a specific plan to follow, when to eat, what to eat and what to avoid, with recipes and foods to substitute for things I liked.

The plan was easy to follow, I kept it simple at first but now I’m trying out many new recipes, Claire was on hand to guide me through the whole process, I think I must of become a pest at times but she answered all of my questions and kept me inspired.
I soon regained my energy and was spurred on by all the knowledge I had gained, my diet is clean and natural and I’ve no need or cravings for processed products. I’m losing weight too and I’m feeling really good about myself.
All my friends have been really supportive, they’ve all made allowances for my diet which really surprised me as I thought I’d be a burden. I’ve even inspired some friends to get in touch with Claire. For me it’s becoming a real journey and one I hope you take too.

– Daniel Haines


Support to conceive naturally, or with the use of IVI or IVF. Treating the root causes of infertility – hormonal imbalances, autoimmunity, deficiencies. Prevention of recurrent miscarriages.

After a number of years at a low weight, coping off and on with an eating disorder, I contacted Clare both to address my overall health and nutrition, and to ensure that I was doing everything I could to support my fertility. Claire has provided very professional and considered advice throughout my time with her. I have especially appreciated her empathy, and the time she has taken to listen to ‘background’ issues, and my feelings, drawing on our conversations to make sure she is delivering the right advice for me.

– Kelly

Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia

Lyme Disease, Epstein Barr Virus & many other viral & bacterial infections that may lead to this.

Having suffered from chronic fatigue for number of years & having tried a number of therapies, I decided to give nutritional therapy a go as I just felt my body was out of balance.

I’m really glad I did contact Claire, as I connected with her straight away & she came across as genuine, understanding & really listened to me. She has been a wonderful support to me, I couldn’t have done this by myself as there are many reasons why our bodies react as they do & Claire gave me a good understanding of what my body needed & why.

I know I’ve made positive changes for life now & I’m already feeling so much better, one of the interesting things being my hunger cravings which reduced within a few days into the programme due to supplements & a change in diet & all the time I was blaming myself for having no self-control!

I’m very grateful to Claire & would happily recommend her to anyone.

– Yasmin

Hormonal Issues

Blood sugar imbalances, Diabetes, Endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, Adrenal fatigue, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Low libido, Prostate issues, Menopause (male & female).

I consulted Claire after having two kids within two years as my immune system was low & so were my energy levels. Together we identified I was suffering adrenal fatigue after thorough questioning of all my symptoms, food preferences & habits.

Claire devised a superb nutritional plan for me which explains what foods & supplements will help me with each symptom. The suggestions are brilliant & easy swaps to ingredients I use to cook my old favourite dishes. I’ve also found new recipes that have now become my favourite meals!

Claire has a very honest, friendly & understanding approach which really helps in making sure your plan is realistic. I’ve contacted her when I was finding parts of my plan hard to follow & she helped amend it accordingly.

Investing in Claire has been one of the best moves I’ve made & I no longer have my mid-morning energy slump or pick up & virus my kids bring back from nursery. 

I highly recommend anyone serious in committing to improve their health to get in touch with her.

– Jai

Gut Health

IBS, IBD, Diverticulitis, Leaky gut, Candida, Parastic infections, Gastritis, H pylori, Reflux Oesophagitis, SIBO.

I first contacted Claire for some nutritional advice as I had become pescetarian & I wanted to understand where to get the right amount of protein, minerals & vitamins from & how to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

After completing a health questionnaire we met for a consultation & discussed my symptoms & goals & quickly established the muscle fatigue, lethargy, allergies & other ailments that I had been suffering from for years were both diet related & also a direct result of mercury toxicity caused by my old amalgam dental fillings. I was tested for adrenal fatigue, systemic candida & heavy metal toxicity which confirmed Claire’s analysis & she immediately provided me with a detailed dietary plan, detox protocol & supplements to support my adrenal, kidney & liver functions. This represented quite a lifestyle change for me but Claire was very supportive & informative throughout the whole process & was also very responsive whenever I had any questions or queries about the plan or the right course of action to take.

Over the course of 6 months my physical strength, endurance & conditioning has improved noticeably & my energy & vitality has returned improving my general sense of health & well-being quite dramatically.

I would highly recommend Claire not only for her knowledge & attention to detail but for her personable approach as well. I’m sending my mum along to see her & recommendations don’t come any higher than that!

– Adam

Skin Health

Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, dry skin, Uticaria (Hives).

Claire has an extensive and in depth knowledge of health, food and nutrition. I went to her with a set of issues and symptoms I wanted to rectify and she has not only helped with these but has helped me with areas I wasn’t ever aware of.

I am healthy, happy, full of energy and get regular comments on how great my skin looks from friends and family. Claire has provided me with on going support and is   on hand to answer questions when needed. She also listens to your needs and concerns, which (from experience) others do not.

I would highly recommend Claire to anyone, she has helped me change my life style for good!

– Alexia Wright

Cardiovascular Health

High Blood pressure & cholesterol, prevention of heart disease.

After spending a lot of time with GPs, Consultants I finally ended up with Claire. She thoroughly listened to my issues that I was facing (High Blood Pressure) and came up with a plan tailored just for myself.

After having just a few appointments the things started getting better. In reply to any questions, her responses were almost immediate.

– Amir Bakhsh – 38 years, Redbridge

Sports Nutrition

Training for marathons/triathlons, support for professional boxers, footballers, rugby players & support with any sports/training & weight training.

Food Allergies & Intolerances

Celiac Disease, IgE food allergy, IgG food intolerances, Histamine intolerance (Mast Cell Activation), FODMAPs, Failsafe diet.

Children’s Nutrition

ADD/ADHD, autism, behavioural issues, allergies, eczema, asthma, digestive issues.

I contacted Claire when my 2.5 year old was showing symptoms of ASD. We immediately overhauled diet and the benefits to mood and behaviour were amazing. Through a number of tests and Claire’s knowledge we have established an ongoing protocol that continues to help my child.

– Anon

Mental Health

Depression, anxiety, SAD, addictions, anger issues.

I decided after many years of struggling with anxiety issues to seek help. A work colleague had been seeing Claire and recommended her. I felt at ease with her, which was important as it wasn’t an easy step to take, as I was having to talk about all of my personal problems.

I am so happy that I took her advice and stuck to the plan that she made for me, as I am now able to do things that before wouldn’t have even contemplated as my anxiety issues stopped me from doing them.

I would certainly recommend if anyone has anxiety issues to see Claire and not just accept that’s how you are and put up with it.

– Lee

Eating Disorders

Binge eating disorders, disordered eating, supporting recovery from eating disorders (not acute stages).

Claire has been my nutritionalist for around a year now and the difference in myself is really amazing.  I have struggled with eating issues and not only has Claire helped to regain a better relationship with food, I have become much healthier and have so much more energy and feel happier generally.  

Claire has also provided great therapy for myself, she is very patient and understanding and not only puts my mind at rest but explains how food works, I have learnt so much from her.  

My diet change has also helped my psoriasis as well which I never thought would happen.  

Claire is always very accommodating with appointment times and always fits me in with a busy schedule.

Thank you Claire for all of your help and support over the past year I look forward to further improvements in myself this year.

– Anon

Autoimmune Conditions

MS, Lupus, Sjogren’s, Arthritis, Sarcoidosis and so on.